APEX Essentials workshop for students at Qualogy Caribbean

APEX Essentials workshop for students at Qualogy Caribbean

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Qualogy Caribbean works with APEX, a development tool for responsive and database-driven applications that only requires a web browser. In addition to working as an Oracle technical manager, I also teach software engineering at UNASAT part-time. My students recently visited Qualogy Caribbean to attend an APEX Essentials workshop.

During my teaching, I had explained to my students that Qualogy Caribbean develops APEX applications. APEX is an easy way to manage, edit, and share information; for example, through forms and overviews. The students were extremely interested and wanted to know more. Their interest inspired me to organize the APEX workshop.

Qualogy Excellence Academy

Qualogy Caribbean opened its Qualogy Excellence Academy earlier this year. This academy offers high-quality training programs geared specifically towards the Caribbean. The APEX workshop was also developed with this in mind. Knowledge sharing is extremely important at Qualogy Caribbean. We are making an important contribution to society by organizing a free workshop that helps students expand their knowledge.

Theory and demonstration

A total of eight students attended the workshop. General Manager Nilesh Bishesar gave them a warm welcome, after which they learned about the theory behind APEX. They were then given a demo: from Excel file to application in two minutes.

Getting started

Then it was time to get started! The students were given several assignments that helped them apply the theory they learned in practice. They created forms with an overview of all students and exams, as well as a form that provided a clear overview of all courses and professors.

They then turned their attention to the exam grades with the aim of answering the following question: how do you create an overview of all grades per student and how do you filter those grades? The next step was to automatically calculate whether the students passed the exam. A grade of 5.5 or higher was marked with a ‘PASS’. Finally, the students learned how to set up a notification for fields that were left empty.

Qualogy Excellence Certificate

The students did a great job completing the assignments. At the end of the workshop they were all given a Qualogy Excellence Certificate for participating in the APEX Essentials workshop. It was a great conclusion to a hard day's work.

Welcome to Qualogy Caribbean

The students were extremely positive and enthusiastic about the workshop. We regularly offer fun and interesting internships, so we may see these students again some day. If any of them are interested in working for Qualogy Caribbean later, they are more than welcome to apply!

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