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Qualogy is currently designing and implementing a comprehensive Campus Solutions system for the University of Suriname. Our first step in this project was to map the interconnections and information exchanges between the various stakeholders and departments. After we had a clear picture of the dependencies between the various fields of activity (Student Affairs, Human Resources, Payroll and Financial Affairs) we started planning our project approach.

The initial work produced the following results:

  • Harmonization of business processes (everyone works the same way, less chance of errors, increased quality of service to students and teachers).
  • Structured insight into differences in examination law regulations between different faculties.
  • Multiple automated processes resulting in a lesser load on the various administrations by reducing questions from students and eliminating manual processing. For example, automated processing of:
    • examresults and determination of students status
    • determination whether a student is entitled to participate in an exam
    • sending standard emails to students
  • Central storage of accurate data / information using validation on the data entered in the campus solution.
  • Easily generated management information (press of a button).
  • An application built to fully support the universities unique processes, thus increasing the user recognition and acceptance, instead of an application which the user has to adapt to.

Processes that have already been improved include:

  • Harmonization of business processes.
  • User friendly and web based application developed with the latest Oracle technology.
  • Communication with the students via automatically generated and sent emails.
  • Study status determination of a student (verified against examination regulations and programs).
  • Automatic determination whether a student is entitled to participate in an exam.
  • Degree ranking determination (cum laude, with honors).

After the release of Student Affairs and linking the Library, we will focus on Payroll to further strengthen the University. The ultimate goal is to professionalize the student administration for all the stakeholders: students, student administration and the Board of the University.

Nilesh Bishesar
About the author Nilesh Bishesar

I work as a General Manager at Qualogy Caribbean. I like working with people, and that’s exactly what’s important in Suriname. People buy people first, you have to gain trust and establish a relationship before offering your services. The working atmosphere at Qualogy suits me, colleagues are important, but structure and deadlines too. In the next few years I want Qualogy to become market leader in Suriname.

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