From Oracle SOA SUITE 10g to 12c

Case: municipal tax authorities Rotterdam

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Rotterdam's Municipal Taxes Intervention Team uses Oracle SOA Suite to process all claims and objections submitted by residents. As of December 2014, extended support for version 10g was suspended by Oracle. This prompted the Interventions team to find a suitable successor. They settled on 12c and Qualogy facilitated the migration process.

With Oracle SOA Suite 12c, clients can submit claims via MijnLoket and employees can submit them via the ONS system.

"A major advantage is that 12c is much easier to use than 10g," says Michel van Dinther, ICT coordinator for the Rotterdam Municipal Tax Authorities. "The new system also offers more detailed error reports, which makes the management process much easier." Senior developer and administrator Klasien Wijbenga agrees. "We're set for the next few years!"

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