How Qualogy Caribbean became a successful offshore IT partner

How Qualogy Caribbean became a successful offshore IT partner

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Automating Suriname with Surinamese people. This was CEO Paul Mehilal’s mission when he opened a new branch in Paramaribo.  And he more than succeeded. Qualogy Caribbean is currently also supporting organizations in the Netherlands, offshore from Suriname or on premise. I’d like to tell you more. 

Since its foundation in 2007, Qualogy Caribbean quickly received great assignments from Suriname and the Caribbean region. Now, dozens of companies, financial institutions and governments use the know-how and solutions of Qualogy Caribbean.

More interaction

The last 12 years, there has been more and more interaction between the Qualogy branches in the Netherlands and Suriname. There was a shortage of talented employees for projects in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Qualogy Caribbean attracted more educated talent. The solution: placing employees from Suriname with Dutch clients. And it works great. Professionals are working offshore from Suriname or remotely in the Netherlands.  

Costs stay manageable

I noticed our customers in the Netherlands are also enthusiastic about the ‘exchange’ of Dutch and Surinamese experts. There is a quicker access to talented employees and it’s possible to flexibly scale up or down. The costs will also stay manageable. Even for support after business hours, thanks to the different time zones. The colleagues in Paramaribo take over the helpdesk when it closes at 6:00 pm in the Netherlands. This way, the ‘regular’ helpdesk will be available until 10:00 pm Dutch time (5:00 pm or 6:00 pm in Suriname). 

Smooth communication

Besides, there is no language or cultural barrier. Of course, working in Suriname is very different from working in the Netherlands. But all the colleagues speak Dutch and English and they know what’s going on in the Netherlands. They also work according to Agile methods and have the correct certificates. Which means they can start immediately.  

Face to face contact

Communication is key with offshore or outsourcing projects. That’s why Qualogy regularly organizes work visits, where colleagues from Qualogy Netherlands go to Suriname and vice versa. Working from a distance works fine in the IT world, but it’s still nice to see each other face to face. It improves the communication and trust.  

Differences? Similarities!

I experienced this myself in May, 2019, when I visited my Qualogy Caribbean colleagues in Suriname. A very informative experience. You become more aware of the cultural differences, but mostly the similarities. I didn’t once feel like I needed to adjust.

All the colleagues are Qualogy colleagues. This really connects them. And they are all working towards one goal: to amaze our clients with smart IT solutions. How? That’s what the Qualogy Caribbean colleagues will regularly blog about in the future. Keep an eye on the website! 

Michelle Swartjes
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