I'm learning a lot as Junior Java developer at Qualogy

I'm learning a lot as Junior Java developer at Qualogy

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I've worked as a junior Java developer at Qualogy Caribbean for four months now and I'd like to share my impressions so far.

I graduated from Anton de Kom University in 2013 with a degree in electrical engineering and a specialization in information technology. Almost immediately after graduating, I started working for the IT company that I interned at in 2011. I learned how to program in .Net and C# and also gained non-Microsoft experience with PHP and JavaScript. I also spent some time at the corporate IT helpdesk.

Time for something new

Last year, I felt like it was time for something new. I'd heard about Qualogy, known for being one of the biggest IT companies in Suriname, so I sent them an e-mail and was quickly invited for a job interview.


The interview was conducted by a manager and a technical specialist. They asked me some tough questions, but I think I managed pretty well. What they were really looking for was whether I understood the basics of programming.


Soon after the interview I found out that I'd gotten the job and could start on a two-month trial period. I headed to my first day of work in October 2015. What I noticed right away was the high level of programming, analysis and design skills at Qualogy.

It goes way beyond simply Googling some code, copying and pasting it and checking if it works. You really learn how to do things right according to the same style and format. You're also expected to know how to debug things that don't work. The result: a clean code and the ability to take over tasks from other colleagues.

First project

I was assigned my first project about a month after I was hired, which involved developing a staff planning application for a service provider. We're now developing an HR solution that the supplier can use to track staffing issues like free days and vacation days.

Hard work

In short, I really enjoy working for Qualogy. The work atmosphere is great and my colleagues are extremely helpful. It's hard work, but I'm happy to do it and I'm learning a lot. We all use the Agile and Scrum methods, which helps us work in a fast and structured way. Since I started working here, my output and programming speed have improved considerably.

Steven Chang
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I'm working as a Junior Java Developer at Qualogy Suriname in Paramaribo. Do you have programming experience and would you like to improve your professional skills and learn new things? Check out our vacancies.

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