Looking back: three companies share their experiences of the HR event

Looking back: three companies share their experiences of the HR event

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In July 2017, Qualogy Caribbean organized the event 'An efficient perspective on HR' in Paramaribo, in collaboration with development institute Interpoint. We had a very inspiring day together with 46 other organizations. Below, three attendees look back on the day.

Simone Warsosemito of Finatrust, de Trustbank N.V:

"I was first introduced to Qualogy Caribbean seven years ago, when I was given a tour of the company. I was interested in the HR event because I wanted to expand my knowledge of human resources. One of the things I wanted to learn was how to streamline our HR activities and make them more efficient. Fortunately, this topic was covered during the event."

"We already have an HR application, but if we were to switch to another application, there are several points we need to keep in mind. All of our questions were answered during the event. I found the introduction to the HR application Perform Now particularly interesting. This application, developed by Qualogy Caribbean, helps you achieve efficient and effective personnel management. It also streamlines the work. For example, an HR officer can access employee details or an employer's statement with the press of a button, without having to scan through the entire file."

HR officer at Fernandes Autohandel N.V.:

"We've used the timekeeping system developed by Qualogy Caribbean for some time now. At the moment, we have a backlog of administrative tasks. To make our work more efficient, we're exploring potential solutions. The HR event was great because it presented us with different alternatives that could help us streamline our activities."

Aristha Karijoleksono of Sara Maria N.V employment agency:

"Qualogy Caribbean is one of the most innovative IT companies in Suriname. As an HRM officer, I want to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in my field. I also think it's important to network with professionals who carry out the same work in different branches. That's why I decided to attend the HR event."

"My organization uses an HR application that's similar to Perform Now. That said, Perform Now is a lot more extensive and more flexible, which really appeals to me. I also found the demo extremely interesting. We may look into that, too."

A summary of the HR event

During the event, entitled 'An efficient perspective on HR', visitors could attend interesting lectures and share their experiences. They could also attend presentations on fun and efficient HR methods, participate in panel discussions, and take a personality test. Perform Now, an HR application developed by Qualogy Caribbean, was also presented during the event.

Would you like more information about the HR event? Read General Manager Nilesh Bishesar's blog post (in Dutch).

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