New application by Qualogy Caribbean: Meter Data Management

New application by Qualogy Caribbean: Meter Data Management

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Generating water and meter readings remotely and automatically forwarding them to the right departments: introducing the Meter Data Management app by Qualogy Caribbean. This app was developed for the customer service, utility, and financial departments of water companies and energy providers.  

It has the following advantages:

  • Instant overview of all customer information (e.g. address and location of the meter)
  • Clear overview of water and electricity supply and consumption thanks to remote meter readings
  • Notifications for inconsistencies or technical problems with the meters
  • Clear network overview for technical issues
  • Remote startup and shutdown
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Available as a web-based and mobile app

Watch the video

To learn more about the application options and how they work, watch the video below.

Free demo

Want to know what the Meter Data Management app can do for your organization? Contact us for more information and a free demo and find out just how easy this application is to use.

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