Qualogy Netherlands meets Qualogy Caribbean: “Valuable exchange”

Qualogy Netherlands meets Qualogy Caribbean: “Valuable exchange”

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Last week, a team from Qualogy Netherlands went on a work trip to Qualogy Caribbean in Paramaribo. A good opportunity to strengthen the collaboration and to streamline the internal infrastructure. A working trip that immediately bears fruit. Ronald Overdijk, a colleague from Qualogy Netherlands, tells us why.

On March, 21st, a team of 10 colleagues left for a week to Qualogy Caribbean in Paramaribo. Ronald explains why a face-to-face meeting is so important. 
Ronald: “Our internal IT infrastructure is partly jointly managed. For this, we form a team from Qualogy Netherlands with, among others, the department QCar.Infra from Qualogy Caribbean. It’s very fun to finally meet these colleagues. Nice to put a face to a name. That works easier.” 


Aside from meeting each other, the teams also got to work. One of the items on the agenda: streamlining the internal infrastructure even more. That proved to be a lot of work.

“During the consultation session, we found that it wasn’t possible to implement our work in the exact same way in Suriname. Mainly because our colleagues in Suriname have other resources available than we have. And Suriname has a limited bandwidth. This means their needs and materials are different from what we have in the Netherlands. It was an eye-opener, really, because I hadn’t been aware of this at all.”

Redundant solution

During the week, a good interaction between both teams developed.

“Eventually we found a practical solution to streamline the infrastructure. Qualogy Caribbean will replace their firewall, using a different system than what we use in the Netherlands. And to focus even more on security, QCar.Infra will develop their own ‘redundant’ solution. They also took into account the healthy load balance.”

Easier way of contacting each other

The work trip was over in the blink of an eye. Ronald and the team returned to Qualogy in Rijswijk with a satisfied feeling.

“The work trip to Suriname was really valuable. Both for the cooperation within our team and the quality of our service. I noticed I’m already profiting from the trip. It’s easier to contact the team in Paramaribo – and vice versa. We complement each other wonderfully. QCar.Infra has a lot of young talent with a fresh outlook on things, and I can help with my years of experience. This way, we help each other however we can. It’s really great!”

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