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Perform Now

Increased productivity, more engaged employees or more satisfied customers: whatever your organization’s goals, you can achieve them more effectively and more quickly with an HR application that perfectly supports your business processes.

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HR documentation is extremely time consuming. Entering and copying data, sending it to colleagues, verifying its accuracy, making follow-up phone calls... Perform Now can make this process far more efficient, thanks to:

  1. Convenient work and leave registration
  2. Automated payroll administration
  3. Simple work schedules

Always clear and up to date, your employees can use the self-service function to access their file and enter or edit information.

Room for talent

Perform Now gives the HR department room to focus on what really matters: your employees. With a clear understanding of the available talents and qualities, the HR department can deploy resources more efficiently, appoint teams more effectively and stimulate the development of your employees. Perform Now helps to create a dedicated workforce that is committed to achieving your organizational goals and individual employees who perform better and continue to develop their talents.

How does it work?

  1. Import your employee data from an XML file
  2. Together, we will configure the standard options and modifications
  3. You will now have a useful overview of all data
  4. We can integrate the application with all major accounting software
  5. Several banks, including DSB and Hakrinbank, accept the payment file
Perform Now consists of three modules
HR Now
Payroll Now
Schedule Now
Work and leave registration
Payroll administration
Planning tool
Your employees can easily keep track of their own work hours, vacation hours and leave hours. You can approve these hours with the click of a button.
To ensure fast and accurate payments, opt for automated payroll administration.
Efficient plans make efficient work. Simplify your team planning and make changes as they happen.

The advantages

Save time and costs and increase efficiency:

  • Easy to set up, several standard options
  • Manage all HR services in one environment
  • Generate paychecks, annual statements and declarations
  • Fewer file operations = faster work processes
  • Everything at your fingertips in a safe, digital archive

Free initial consultation

Would you like to know how Perform Now can benefit your organization? We would be happy to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your options.