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Perform Now

Increased productivity, greater employee involvement, and satisfied customers. Achieve these organizational goals faster and more effectively with an HR application that perfectly supports your business processes: Perform Now, developed by Qualogy Caribbean.

Entering and copying data, sending it to colleagues, verifying its accuracy, making follow-up phone calls... HR documentation is extremely time consuming. But how do you make this process faster and more efficient? Discover Perform Now: the HR application specifically geared towards the Caribbean market.

Three modules

The application consists of three modules:

  • HR Now: easily register work and leave hours
  • Payroll Now: automatically process salaries
  • Schedule Now: create work schedules and plans

You can choose the modules you want, which means you only pay for what you need.


The application also includes a self-service option. With this option, employees can log in themselves, request their current leave balance, and submit new leave requests. Naturally, employees are only authorized to view their own information.

Keep an overview and save time

Perform Now is a secure and user-friendly tool that will help you save considerable time and money, as it’s easy to enter and process bulk changes. It's also possible to review past data and changes and draft dynamic reports.


Perform Now is also available as a mobile app and can be linked to your existing punch clock, active directory, or other applications.

If you have specific needs or wishes, Qualogy Caribbean would be happy to discuss the customization options with you.

Free initial consultation

Would you like to know how Perform Now can benefit your organization? We would be happy to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your options and help you get things moving in the right direction. You can contact Shailish Rambaran Mishre via (00) 597 450 972 or

More information

Discover everything about Perform Now and the benefits for your organization in our flyer. 

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* You will soon be able to use Perform Now in the cloud. This means you can use Perform Now whenever and wherever you want.