User friendly, clear overview, invoices that impress


QuickBooks is a financial accounting software program manufactured by Intuit. Qualogy Caribbean offers you high quality consulting, implementation of proven technology, training and specific tools adapted to your organization.

By using this standard software we discover new worlds and combine our existing knowledge with the latest technological insights and your specific needs. The QuickBooks software boasts an assortment of features aimed at helping you manage all accounting functions such as:

  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • credit card management
  • financial reporting

How does it work?

  1. Fast and easy setup
    It takes only minutes to get started and everything is automatically customized for your specific type of organization.
  2. User friendly
    A new user setup feature provides users with a virtual orientation process. In addition, most of the program’s features can be activated at the click of a button.
  3. Clear overview
    Elegantly designed dashboards and feeds instantly show you the health of your business and your next action steps.
  4. Invoices that impress
    Now you can create custom invoices in minutes. Add your company logo, choose your own font, and add a background image and custom fields.
  5. Invite your accountant
    Invite your accountant or bookkeeper to securely access your QuickBooks Online data and collaborate at the same time on documents.

QuickBooks Online

Use QuickBooks Online on all devices, wherever you go, throughout the day. You can access QuickBooks Online on any Internet-connected computer, mobile phone or tablet. It syncs data automatically. And of course, all the data is protected. QuickBooks Online scales with your organization. 

Since QuickBooks Online is accessed through an Internet-connected web browser or app, it doesn’t matter which operating system you're using. You’ll always be using the most up-to-date version, and QuickBooks offers new features every month.

Top security

  • Your data is secured with the same encryption technology used by top banking institutions.
  • With QuickBooks Online, no more backups are required. We replicate the data in our servers.
  • You can give selective access to your employees and accountant while maintaining control.
  • We maintain the software and automatically install updates, no downloads required.

Free initial consultation

Would you like to know how QuickBooks can benefit your organization? We would be happy to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your options.