2020: automation takes off, Qualogy offers a helping hand

2020: automation takes off, Qualogy offers a helping hand

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The end of 2020 is near. A year of challenges, in every aspect. Businesses and governments had the important task of making sure everyone could work from home. Hence, the need for applications and cloud environments grew. Qualogy Caribbean supported a great number of organizations with this. I would like to highlight a few of these projects.

This spring, we received more and more questions from companies about remote collaboration and solutions for process optimization. Though digitization and automation were on the agenda for many companies, the coronavirus pandemic proved to be a tipping point. This also happened to one of our clients, who sought to automate every administrative process at the start of this year.

Pleasant work anytime and anywhere

The client has numerous administrative processes, in which employees use various systems and do a lot of paperwork. Think of tasks such as registering personal details, entering data, and compiling reports. Sometimes, documents got lost. The wish for access to systems and digital files anytime and anywhere grew when every employee started to work remotely in spring.

Analysis and methodology

We started with the analysis process. A team of three other colleagues was formed. We dissected the client’s question and mapped out every desired process. Based on a few client meetings, we drew up a technical document containing process descriptions.

Simultaneously, two colleagues started the development of the application. Our work method is agile. This means that our team is self-managing, and everyone is involved during planning, task allocation, and monitoring.

The process is cyclical: after every sprint, we review each other’s work and let the client test the application. Functionalities are delivered in parts. After every delivery, the client carefully tests the application, allowing us to obviate possible hiccups before the application goes live.

Technical challenges

We use different technologies for every tailor-made solution. In the end, we built this application in Oracle APEX 18, a low-code platform. We coded with SQL and PL/SQL.

The project’s biggest challenge was implementing the score system. This means certain variables can positively or negatively influence a final score. However, the information was rather dynamic, so we could not solve this with just one formula. In the end, we composed a mathematical formula ourselves that now works for every variable.

The result: one central hub

We are currently finalizing the application. The result: one application in which every administrative process of the company is implemented and connected. Employees can log into their own account and get appointed secure data access. Registering data, generating reports, uploading documents, and calculating scores will happen at the press of a button.

Commitment and team spirit

We will be adding finishing touches within the coming period. The client is very satisfied about the application so far. They cannot wait to use it. We are praised for our commitment, team spirit and efficient work method.

As for me, I also look back on a successful project. I appreciate supporting clients in their transformation to a digital company. For 2021, I hope and expect to help many more companies with this endeavor.

Want to know more?

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