Karizma talks about her job as a project coordinator

Varied and diverse: Karizma talks about her job as a project coordinator

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Karizma knows everything about working as a project coordinator for Qualogy Caribbean. Six years ago, she started as a software tester. Currently, she has been working as a project coordinator for the past three years. She would love to tell you more about her work, interests, and of course the current working-from-home situation. Interested? Read on.

A fun and diverse position

Karizma explains what her position entails: “My work as a project coordinator for Qualogy is very versatile. For example: I do requirement analyses, hold customer meetings, and brainstorm with the development team about possible solutions for customer products. I am also always in sync with the management team. Good consultations are very important for Qualogy Carribbean.”

Various projects

And what does she like the most about her job? “Not only is my work versatile, but our customers also bring color to the job. From the Surinamese banking sector to an accountancy office on Aruba: I get to work on incredibly diverse projects. Which is a nice change of pace for my team and myself, of course! I also appreciate that we always work on projects in pairs. This way, we can guarantee continuity.

Never finished learning

Developments within the IT move quickly. How do you keep your knowledge up to date for all those different clients? Karizma: “I make sure I am informed and stay informed of the newest IT trends. I’m originally a software tester, so I do a little more research in that area. But other topics such as requirement analysis, business analysis, and project management interest me too. I will keep on learning!”

And then… corona

When the corona virus spread, it seemed like the world had been locked... Thankfully, Karizma can work from home. “During the daily online team meetings, we discuss the project’s status and planning. And we still call our clients when we need to, so our customers do not suffer from the situation. I’m very pleased with that!”

Short communication lines

Even though Karizma has not seen her colleagues for quite some time, working together goes well. “Qualogy has short lines of communication. It makes it easy to stay in touch. A phone call, a text message or mail does not take long. And we see and talk to each other during the daily meetings. Of course, I miss the social aspect. I hope I can go back to the office soon.”

Want to know more?

Curious about the job opportunities at Qualogy Caribbean? Wonderful! Take a look at our vacancies. Or send an open job application to: info_caribbean@qualogy.com. We would love to tell you more.

Karizma Ilahi
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I'm currently working as a project coordinator at Qualogy Caribbean in Paramaribo. My previous experience consists of web development and project management.

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