The importance of functional documents

The importance of functional documents

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It may seem like a waste of time and money to design a new functional document for each new software application. But the potential benefits could be huge.

In a functional document, all the requirements for the software are documented, including a description about how the application should work.

The following information should be in the document:

  • Purpose of the application
  • Target users of the application
  • The goals which the application should achieve
  • Dependencies on other applications
  • Detailed description of the functionality in the application
  • Detailed diagrams of the flows within the application and the associated use cases

When you dive deeper into the technique, you could include:

  • Requirements for the functionalities
  • Links with other tools
  • User management requirements
  • Safety requirements

Integral part of the development process

Defining a functional document is an integral part of the development process at Qualogy. This document gets set up during the analysis phase of development. Two of our analysts organise a meeting with the customer in order to get the customer requirements for the software application. This is then added to the functional document.

This document is important and beneficial for both parties. Developers use this document to get a description of the functions which are used in the application. The advantages for customers are numerous as well. Because all functionalities are documented beforehand, the document is a great reference point. It gives the customer much more insight in the development cycle, which means they can ask specific questions, which in turn leads to a more streamlined development cycle. A big benefit to both developers and the customer.

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